Kuku duckbill

Introduction of the KU.KU Duckbill
Hello, everyone! My name is KU.KU Duckbill and I was born on September 5, 2000 that makes me a Virgo. With a keen sense in knowing what people want but somewhat naughty in teasing my good friend, I do confess that I am very partial to being clean and sometimes over zealous, or being nosy, as some people would put it. Coming from a small lakeside, I find pleasure chasing and playing with my friends, such as the little fish, small turtles, frogs and such, where we could stretch and bask in the sun. In the afternoon, I like to sunbathe on the beach warming up my brain, and snack on things of my favorite at times, including ice cream, lollipops and so forth. And yes, wouldn’t you like to know why I was born blue? Well, there is actually a story to that, for I am always understanding of what people think and extremely caring for all babies, wanting to give all newborns the best care possible, which has garnered the king to bestow me with a present, and besides blue is also a noble honor. Therefore, the motto for KU.KU Duckbill is being the baby’s friend. So, essentially I am very sunny, and want to become a good friend to everyone, if I may, a venture that would also allow me to excel my nature in helping others; I look forward to that.

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